Freaks 4U Gaming

We are a gaming and esports-focused 360° marketing and communications agency, providing services such as brand and marketing consultancy, social media and community management, editorial services, event management and logistics, creative services as well as media productions and other community-tailored solutions.

With a wide portfolio of services and a diverse team of 190+ professionals in Europe, the United States and Asia, we execute superior integrated campaigns and strategies targeting audiences in gaming and esports around the globe.

Like no other company operating in the space, we complement our agency and production services with in-house media products such as our community brands as well as employed influencers.

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Abteilung: Veranstalter
Gründungsjahr: 2002
Im ESBD seit: 2019


Bundesland: Berlin
Adresse: An der Spreeschanze, 13599 Berlin


Freaks 4U Gaming