Gender Diversity


„Gender Diversity in Esports“ is a committee within the ESBD structures that fully concentrates on making the German esports scene a more diverse and inclusive space for all genders.

The committee was originally founded in April 2019 at the second edition of the ESBD „Women in Esports“ Networking Breakfast. During the event the three spokeswomen Kristin Banse, Jana Möglich and Jin-A Shim were elected to represent the committee’s interests. All three representatives are strongly committed with the esports scene: Kristin Banse comes from the journalist field for years and is now working for the Berlin gaming and esports media agency Freaks 4U Gaming. The influencer manager Jin-A Shim is also working in that agency – formerly working with several esports organizations, the latest one being the German CS:GO Team Sprout. The third colleague Jana Möglich was an esports athlete and manager – now she is engaged in the Initiative for the Games Location Schleswig-Holstein.

In the first weeks the three representatives were focusing on building up working and communication structures, identifying goals for the committee and developing measures to reach the identified goals.

The second step is building up a community and therefore giving any other interested parties the chance to support the committee’s mission.


The mission of the committee in the long run is to empower the German esports scene to realise its full inclusive potential according to gender.

Therefore everyone interested can join the committee to get engaged for the declared aims. 


  • Networking – In the first place the committee wants to connect women in esports to build up a strong supporting base for each other and to get to know the interests of the community. 
  • Visibility – Through the networking process female community members will naturally reach a size that will be recognized by the rest of the scene. 
  • Empowering – Actively implementing more competent women in expert roles to break down traditional gender roles within community, industry and society in general.
  • Consulting – Esports organisations and companies that pursue a diverse corporate philosophy can request assistance by the committee. 


Main contact via email:


You can find us on social media to keep up to date: Twitter Discord