Gender Diversity


„Gender Diversity in Esports“ is a committee within the ESBD structures that fully concentrates on making the German esports scene a more diverse and inclusive space for all genders.


The mission in the long run is to empower the German esports scene to realise its full inclusive potential according to gender.

Therefore everyone interested can join the committee to get engaged for the declared aims. 


  • Networking – In the first place the committee wants to connect women in esports to build up a strong supporting base for each other and to get to know the interests of the community. 
  • Visibility – Through the networking process female community members will naturally reach a size that will be recognized by the rest of the scene. 
  • Empowering – Actively implementing more competent women in expert roles to break down traditional gender roles within community, industry and society in general.
  • Consulting – Esports organisations and companies that pursue a diverse corporate philosophy can request assistance by the committee. 


Main contact via email:


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