Application for inclusion in the list of qualified competitions in esports

Please fill out the following form:

1. Qualified competitions

2. Information about event organizer or organisation

Name of the company or institution hosting the league or tournament in question. Please enter the full name including the legal form. The designation must match the entry in the commercial register.

3. League/Tournament Specifics

Please provide exact dates, if possible.
Please provide information if the league or tournament series was hosted in regular occurance (e.g. yearly) or if its planned to be a re-occuring event.
If possible include a link to the rating decision.
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If there are several files, please combine them into one PDF. If you are not the copyright holder of the integrated video and computer games, you must have a license from the copyright holder. Please verify this license by confirming it from the rights holder (as a PDF). When it comes to integrating professional esports athletes, a community license is usually not a sufficient basis. If no license is available or a community license is used, please write a corresponding statement and attach it as a PDF.
The legislator requires that incoming athletes in e-sports participate in leagues or tournaments with outstanding national or international relevance. Relevance is determined by reference to each integrated game and compares various viewership metrics (e.g. maximum concurrent viewers, AMA, broadcast hours) to assess the popularity of the gameplay.
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