Consequences of SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 (Coronavirus) for Esports in Germany

ESBD ​​Board – Status: Thursday, March 18, 2020 – 8 p.m.

Update history:

Original article from March 12, 2020, approx. 10 pm.

Update from March 13, 2020, 5 pm: Update of the information on esports events; Insertion of a graphic by the federal government.

Update of March 18, 2020: revision of recommendations for events and events, update of travel advice, update on handling in teams and clubs, update of information for esport fans, information on economic aid packages, addition of multilingual information.

The ESBD is concerned about current developments related to the so-called „corona virus“, i.e. the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic. Being a strong international sports movement, we peacefully and in many places bring hundreds and thousands of people together to celebrate the achievements of esports athletes from all over the world. This core element of our organization creates an obligation for all of us to deal responsibly with one another and to contribute to reducing the (Corona)infections. We have a special duty of care to protect high risk groups through our collective action, even if this entails severe restrictions in our area of ​​activity.

Concurrently, due to the strong online integration of gaming operations and the feasibility of digital communication in esports, the continuation of leagues, tournaments and regular training in the online area has so far been possible with only few restrictions. Together with streaming technologies, players, teams and fans can continue to participate in an active esports scene. The joint development of further offers and formats in the digital area now directly strengthens the cultural participation of players. Esports is an opportunity to bring society together even in an isolating situation and to convey human closeness through our digital channels.

General Multi-Language FAQ

Please get all general informations on the Coronavirus situation in multiple languages from the following government website:

Contact and Health Information

If you have any questions or need assistance to understand the current situation, please contact Please note that we cannot provide any medical advice or record suspect cases.

If you are concerned you might be infected with the coronavirus, please do call your family doctor or the medical on-call service on 116117. You may find further information on the health situation here: and

Time frame and Updates to this guide

We advise you to adopt all measures within the current recommendations by the competent authorities in the federal, state and local authorities (currently mostly until at least mid-April 2020). This time frame may change as this article is updated.

The information here is taking current developments into account and will be updated regularly, marked with the respective processing date. According to current assessments, the situation will continue to worsen, which is why increased awareness and regular information is required. Please check this page regularly to keep up to date.

ESBD-internal actions

As an federation, we won’t host any own events during in the upcoming weeks. In addition to the GERMAN ESPORTS SUMMIT 2020, this also includes the planned courses for coaching education in the ESBD academy as well as internal conferences and department meetings. 

All organizations and projects of the ESBD are limited to telephone and video conferences. Inquiries to the ESBD will continue to be answered, but addressing the current challenges is a priority. We ask for your understanding.

All volunteers of the ESBD are free to adapt their engagement to their individual personal and professional situation. The ESBD board understands the priorities that are now necessary for each individual and thanks all volunteers for the efforts they bring to the ESBD.

Participation in esports events abroad / air traveling

The ESBD strongly advises esports teams not to take part in tournaments and leagues held abroad with players and accompanying staff. The same applies to visiting esports fans. An overview of current travel restrictions can be found here (in German):

Germany currently has an entry freeze from all non-EU countries until April 16, 2020. Border traffic within the EU is also only possible to a limited extent. We therefore advise to avoid all trips, including within Germany, if possible. Arriving travelers must provide additional data on entry for possible subsequent identification. More information:

Pro Teams and Players

The ESBD recommends that the responsible figures of the organizations calmly and objectively inform all employees and players about the course of the pandemic and regularly explain protective measures. We recommend informative discussions with the entire workforce at least twice a week or, depending on the course of the pandemic, more often. This is even more important if employees and players are not German native speakers. The Federal Integration Commissioner has published information on Corona in various languages:

Regarding underage players, close coordination must be in place with the legal guardians to protect the persons concerned. Special responsibility has to be accepted for players who come from abroad and cannot return to their home country due to current travel restrictions. Emotional responsibility for them should also be assumed and they should be supported in contacting their families.

Training in the teams should be organized decentralized and online. Team houses are an exception in case they also represent the center of life and the place of residence of the players.

For teams expecting their players to return from one of the high-risk areas, the ESBD recommends domestic/social isolation for two weeks – even without symptoms, humans could transmit the virus, which is why we consider this step to be absolutely necessary.

Players should implement general protective measures and ensure that shared hardware is cleaned with suitable disinfectants before use.

Amateur esports clubs

The ESBD recommends that clubs with their own premises cease on-site operations and switch to digital communication and online gaming operations for planned offline events, such as tournaments, conferences and general meetings. The instructions and recommendations by the appropriate health authorities must be followed and it is advised to obtain additional information from them.

Clubs should use their multiplier function and inform their members about suitable measures for self-protection and the protection of their personal environment. People in isolation can be introduced to the association’s digital offerings, thereby offering them the opportunity to socialize.

Employment information

The ESBD recommends that employees of a company are given the opportunity to perform their tasks in home office settings and to focus the communication on video and telephone conferences.

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) recommends that all employers allow the certificate-free sick leave of all employers for at least six days, in case of any illness, in order to relieve medical practices from visits and thus create more space for important cases. 

Until April 10, employees with mild respiratory diseases can also get sick notes on the phone, as the KBV and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds have agreed upon.

Further information on the employment law consequences of a pandemic case can be found here:

Conferences, seminars, fairs and meetings

In addition to the restrictions in esport gaming operations, we are also observing an extensive cancellation of conference and trade fair formats – regardless of the relation to esports. We currently recommend that you only take part in online conferences and seminars. has provided an overview (in German) of the canceled national and international conferences and updates the article at regular intervals.

Information for esports fans

In order to flatten the spread of the virus, we urge you to stay at home if possible and limit your time outdoors to what is absolutely necessary. Please note the requirements of the respective state governments.

For many fans, cancellations of offline tournaments and esports events are understandably disappointing. This dismay also affects many of the employees and designers in eSports, whose passion lies in these events. We ask all esports fans for understanding of this extraordinary situation and appeal to the solidarity of the community with the many employees in the eSport sector working for the players and fans. Implemented measures, postponements and cancellations serve to protect you, your family and friends.

Together we can send positive messages on streaming portals and on social media as a community. In the next few weeks it is all about sticking together and celebrating esports and its creators, especially in the online community. #unitedbyesports

Economic supports by the German government

The effects of corona infections, the measures taken to limit the spread, and the German and international economic situation have noticeable effects on companies and independent work in esports and the associated industries, such as event technology or creative services.

The federal government has announced extensive supporting measures, including short-time allowances, tax debt reliefs and secured loans. We recommend companies and businesses in esports to use the measures of the federal government, but also those of the individual states.

Please find more information here:

The Federal Government’s measures are primarily aimed at securing the short-term liquidity of the German economy. In addition, many federal states have announced their own measures to cover other areas and to protect the regional economy. The ESBD calls on the federal government and the federal states to implement further measures quickly and in a targeted manner, which also have an effect in those cases the measures announced do not constitute help.