„We need an esports vision for Europe!“ – 12 national federations agree on establishing a European Esports Federation at EEMB19

Press Release. April 18th, 2019. Berlin (Germany)

In “The Berlin Declaration”, 12 national esports organizations agreed on establishing an independent esports federation on the European level this year, following the talks that took place at the European Esports Meeting Berlin 2019 (EEMB19) during gamesweekberlin. The EEMB19 hosted 15 national esports federations that met on April 10th by the invitation of the German Esports Federation ESBD to discuss the future of European esports.

The meeting followed up on the esports federation network built from the first IOC Esports Forum in July 2018 in Lausanne, Switzerland, and an international meeting in Paris, France, in January 2019. The invitation also reached out to different stakeholders from the esports ecosystem and asked them to join with their input. ISFE explained the position of video games publishers at this meeting, while esports event organizers like ESL and StarLadder shared their point of view on esports in Europe.

Being organized as a workshop meeting, the participants of EEMB19 discussed about the character, goals and task of a potential European Esports Federation. Another important topic was the relationship of such an organization towards stakeholders from esports, sports and policy makers, both internationally and European.

Hans Jagnow, President of the German Esports Federation ESBD, recapitulates the meeting: „We realized that we all shared an esports vision for Europe. To have this process actually started in Berlin and bringing so many nations together is an important step for structuring esports in the region. There are many details yet to decide, but this will be part of the ongoing negations. We stand united by the goal of establishing a European Esports Federation.“

The results of the meeting were recorded in „The Berlin Declaration“, a document that outlines the vision of an esports federation in Europe. Key points of the declaration highlight a shared definition of esports, the philosophy behind the organizational framework, the relationship towards stakeholders in the ecosystem and the identity of a European esports movement.  

„In times like these, we feel that the idea of Europe is a fragile one. A commitment from esports is a strong sign: Europe is the future for many young people. Like no other sports movement esports profits from the freedoms the European Union provides“, Jagnow comments. „The Berlin Declaration puts an emphasis on that identity. Following up on the development of grassroots esports on the national level, coming together as a European federation is the next big step. As ESBD, we want Europe to become the model region for structuring esports on an international level“

The Berlin Declaration is initially supported by 12 national federations from UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belgium. The process is open to join for interested federations from Europe, more federations are expected to declare their support. The next meeting will be hosted by the Swiss Esports Federation on May 28th, 2019 in Lausanne.

Please find more information at:esportseurope.org